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If you are new to LipSense, you will want to order color + gloss + oops to remove it.
For  LipSense to last for 4-18 hours, it Color must be used with LipSense Gloss

LipSense gets shipped the next day, please fill out this form and receive an invoice within 24 hours.

In stock and ready to ship:


Fuscia LipSense (2 in stock)

fuscia lipsense

 Bombshell LipSense (1 in stock)


Bombshell Lipsense 

Peace Pink (1 in stock)

Peace Pink lipsense


Apple Cider (1 in stock)

 apple cider lipsense


Beige Champagne (1 in stock)

beige champagne lipsense

Brick  (1 in stock)

brick lipsense

Cocoa (1 in stock)

cocoa lipsense

Heartbreaker (1 in stock)

heartbreaker lipsense

Napa (1 in stock)

napa lipsense


Samon (1 in stock)

samon lipsense

Mulled Wine (6 in stock)

mulled wine lipsense

Pomegranate (3 in stock)

 pomegranate lipsense

Lexie Bear-y (3 in stock)

lexie berry

Blu Red (2 in stock)

 blu red lipsense

Nude (2 in stock)

nude lipsense

Pink Glitter Gloss

pink glitter gloss


Sandstone Pearl, Onyx



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